Bamboo Tray ‘Khay’


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Dimensions: Medium Ø13.75″ Large Ø17.75″ These trays are amazing for entertaining : appetizers, sushi, cheese, charcuterie, or vegetables, put our small bowls on it with your favorite dip. Our products are food safe: they can contain liquids, solids, hot (up to 158°F) and cold food. Handmade, hand wash ! Use hot water, dish soap, rinse and wipe carefully after cleaning. Do not let the product soak in the water. Dry right away with a soft dish towel. Do not air dry and keep them away from a dishwasher and microwave. Our lacquers and varnishes are natural as they are made without solvent nor organic volatile compound. Entirely handmade according to fair trade principles, our products may show slight variations in color or shapes as they are uniques.

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Weight 1 kg

Black, Blue, Eggshell, Natural, Red, White, Yellow


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